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Terms & Conditions

All orders placed are subject to current availability and purchases will only be processed when AndrewKennedyArt has checked that work is available and subject to clearance of cheques and authorisation of credit card details.

All delivery rates and arrangements published are subject to checking that our normal carriage arrangements are appropriate for the works selected. AndrewKennedyArt will contact the customer to seek agreement to any modifications proposed. In such cases purchased orders will only be processed when the customer has agreed any such new arrangements.

Our terms and conditions of sale and all other matters concerning the website are subject to the law of Scotland where jurisdiction shall fall.

The customer will accept responsibility for any damage occurred during transit.

The customer accepts responsibility for any taxation or charges levied in respect of importation of works they have ordered.

Copyright in all images on the website vests in the artist and in no case may any party reproduce such images.

Published delivery timescales are for guidance only.

Transactions will be processed in British pounds sterling at the prevailing rate of exchange operated by our clearing merchant bank. In the event that AndrewKennedyArt provides approximate conversion rate information in foreign currency this shall be for general guidance only.

In the event of our bank informing us that any credit card provided by a customer has been used without authority or otherwise improperly used the customer shall be obliged to return works forthwith.

Customers warrant that they have authority to make purchases in their own name and are 18 years of age or over.

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