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Andrew Kennedy was born in Stirling in 1980, however has lived his entire life to date in East Kilbride. It was at an early age when Kennedy first discovered a lifelong passion for drawing. “Drawing is something that everybody does as a child. I just never stopped.”

Encouraged by his high school art teachers, Kennedy attended life drawing classes from age 16, a practice he still continues to this day. By the time he arrived at Glasgow School of Art, Kennedy had developed an interest in portraiture and figurative work and was keen to experiment with new ideas and techniques. While at Glasgow School of Art Kennedy’s work was greatly influenced by his other passion in life. Having studied Martial Arts from age 12, Kennedy’s art took inspiration from the movement, shapes and forms of the human body. Studying Printmaking allowed him to work freely with mark making techniques and yet maintain the precision and control of the media. His methods took many changes of direction and subject matter nurturing an eclectic and unique style. Kennedy Graduated Glasgow School of Art with Honours and soon after took up membership with The Associates in Life Drawing and Painting. The influence of the group encouraged Kennedy to submit his work for many group shows before taking on his own solo exhibitions. Throughout his time at the art school, Kennedy worked on many projects with local schools which would later inspire him into teaching. To this day Kennedy combines the rigours and enthusiasm for producing his own art while continuing to work as a Principal Teacher of Art with North Lanarkshire Council.

Today Kennedy’s work takes inspiration form all that is around him. People, places, words and music contribute greatly to the society we live in. His art, reflects that society.

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